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"Photography" it’s a broad word that pulls from many philosophies and encompasses many things from the technical, to the art, and to the functionality. So how did I get started? To the bare bones, "photography" is defined by:

"the art or practice of taking and processing photographs."

In this day and age, everyone is a photographer. I started when a relationship of mine ended…tragically. And as much as I wish my new passion had nothing to do with her, she is the sole reason I dabbled in “photography.” She had a Canon Rebel t2i. She captured my family memories so well at every event and even when we were just casually hanging out that I did not realize how much she was there until she was gone (literally). 

Well, we came to an end, and in the year+ that I spent miserably sulking in my depression, I slowly healed. And when I looked up, I realized I had gone that entire year with my family and friends passing me by and not even having a moment to look  back and say “hey that was a good day.” I felt like a ghost witnessing life, and I literally had no keepsakes and a gap in my FB pictures of the year. I didn’t realize how much she was there and instead of saddening me more, I sacked up and bought my first DSLR, a Canon 60D to paint a picture of my life again. 

Now, my ex was no professional, but she was great. I wanted to attain a level of skill as she had and maybe even surpass her for some competition. I practiced with my kit lens and it seemed like there was a hidden obstacle to making my photos better. I was shooting in automatic, but it wasn’t good enough for me… I read on blogs (specifically to learn how professionals took their ability to look through a viewfinder and click at the right moment, and bring it to the next level of what I considered a “professional” photo. Yes, part of it is being there at the right moment, but it’s also having the right equipment and technical knowledge. I believe it is with those 2 things that you can separate your everyday photographer from your professional one, because it is with those 2 things that art is enhanced. And like all arts, it is valued as high as the creator values it. 

I went on capturing every moment I could of my family while working on my skill. I stopped shooting out of auto modes, upgraded my glass to a Canon 50mm 1.8 and a Sigma 10-20mm 4.0. And with every family function, DPS blog, and talking to others, I got better. I am still getting better. And one of my good friends was proposed to, they needed engagement photos, they turned to me for engagement photos, and when people desire my help, I am filled with passion to oblige. I had found my new weapon of goodness. My camera and my skills.

These photos are from my first “professional” shoot. The payment wasn’t financial. It was for a cup of coffee and a grand time with friends. I think it paid off. These shots are still on their phone backgrounds and went out on their announcements. They were blown up and put on canvas.

I got to bear witness to what is true love and capture the essence of their relationship with my camera. The satisfaction of making a moment last forever, telling a story, and even just to the core of helping people overwhelmed me. I could do this EVERY day. I found a new passion where an old passion died, and for that small little thing, I AM very grateful to her

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